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Bruker has just released a new package of Mass Spectrometry Solutions for accurate screening and quantitation of chemical residues in foods extracts and the environment.
Fast and comprehensive full scan accurate mass screening and quantitation became an excellent tool in food control when the presence or absence of hundreds of pesticides must be proved in a short time frame. Additional to the high number of targets being screened for, the technique takes advantage of unknown evaluation and retrospective analysis. The new TargetScreener HR 4.0 solution is based on the Bruker impact II QTOF for rapid data processing, including ready methods for multi-target screening. Also, sensitive and robust multiresidue analysis of pesticides traces in fruit and vegetables with the Bruker EVOQTM GCMS & LCMS TQ have been released using the same software platform.

Izasa Scientific Portugal is proud to announce that Shimadzu Corporation has just released the NEW Nexera Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph LC-40 series, incorporating Artificial Intelligence as Analytical Intelligence, allowing systems to detect and resolve issues automatically.
The Nexera LC-40 series has been designed to make lab management simple by integrating IoT and device networking, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimize resource allocation and achieve higher throughput.
The Nexera’s compact design saves bench space and because it uses more than 80% less electricity when on standby, it significantly reduces running costs and supports an environmentally-friendly lab.
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Agilent Technologies has led innovation and performance in GC and MS for over 40 years, from its the first benchtop GC/MS through to the MS/MS HR GC/Q-TOF. In the LC/MS world there is one unbelievably powerful and remarkably small LC/QQQ – the Ultivo. Equipped with a new cyclone ion guide and vortex collision cell for optimized ion transmission, for an exceeded performance from food analysis to clinical research.

The benchtop Pegasus BT combines new, compact time-of-flight mass spectrometer hardware with our powerful ChromaTOF brand software, giving you high instrument performance, complete, sensitive and reliable data. A smart investment for any laboratory looking to perform qualitative or quantitative analysis of knowns and unknowns.

With the PerkinElmer instrument QSight triple quad LC/MS/MS, we’ve paired the industry’s most flexible mass spectrometer with the equally capable QSight LX50 UHPLC system, delivering all the sensitivity and specificity you need for demanding applications such as pesticide-residue and nutritional-component analysis. With its robust design and carryover-elimination capabilities, the system is perfect for a host of other applications in the food and environmental arenas.
Get more information: ILC-Instrumentos de Laboratório e Científicos

The most sensitive GC MSMS on the market: the NEW Thermo Scientific TSQ 9000. Exchange columns and ionization sources, simply and without breaking the vacuum. Robust, Simple and Versatile, it has exclusive libraries of MSMS for pesticides and pre-developed methods. More information:Unicam Sistemas Analíticos Lda.

For over 35 years, Phenomenex has provided ground-breaking LC solutions that accelerate science and help researchers improve global health and well-being. The Kinetex core-shell technology developed by Phenomenex delivers higher peak performance than fully porous particles of the same diameter and won the SelectScience Gold Seal of Quality in 2017. For fully porous solutions, Luna Omega delivers astounding column performance and inertness, together with versatile selectivities options. The bioZen HPLC/UHPLC column portfolio with titanium biocompatible hardware minimizes priming and maximizes selectivity and sensitivity with eight particle chemistries and three particle platforms for optimal versatility.

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